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The Heritage Plaques of Harrogate.  

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News Items:

The Heritage Plaques of Harrogate were first introduced in 1975, jointly between the then Harrogate Society and the Harrogate Borough Council.  A large number were installed in 1983, just 100 years since Harrogate became a Borough.  Since then additional plaques have been added regularly.  Plaques are currently being added at a rate of 2 or 3  each year.

Unlike most Heritage plaques which are blue and circular, Harrogate Heritage Plaques are usually brown and mainly rectangular in shape.

The plaques tell a history of Harrogate, through its Spa heritage and the people and buildings associated with that history.

Some plaques mark out significant historical buildings in the town whilst others commemorate the men and women who were instrumental in the development of the town or ones whose businesses still play an active part in the town's fabric.  Others commemorate famous people who have visited or had a connection with the town. Most plaques have a connection with the town's Spa heritage.

There are a total of 94 plaques (September 2023) in the Harrogate Town area, with just over half (55) within the Town Centre.

Using the website :

This website provides many different types of information on the plaques, including Walking Trails, information on individual plaques, maps, photographs and history. 


To see details of how to use the different sets of information on this website, please use the


Harrogate Civic Society :

The Harrogate Civic Society has been, and still is, instrumental in getting plaques created and installed, along with serving as the guardian of the town's heritage.  Please visit the main Civic Society website to learn more of its activities and (especially if you're a resident) consider joining the society.

Link to the Civic Society Web Site

As well as the Brown Heritage plaques, there are many other plaques in Harrogate.  Eight of the more significant ones are displayed on the "Extra plaques" tab.  They are also included on the trails and included on the maps.

The words on many of the plaques are by local Harrogate Historian Malcolm Neesam.

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History Articles

Plq01 A The Magnesia Well.jpg

Links to Wikipedia articles and standalone articles added

May 2024

New Plaque added

Plq01 A The Magnesia Well.jpg

Michael Rennie

A new plaque has been added on Otley Road

Sep 2023

New Plaque unveiled

Plq01 A The Magnesia Well.jpg

The Chapel

A new plaque on Grove Road has been unveiled

Sep 2022

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