Walking Trails

The majority of the Harrogate Plaques are within a 1 mile area around the town centre

The Town Centre Trail includes the most plaques in a (relatively) compact trail. It is composed of four trails, which can be walked individually or combined to make the whole Trail.  

The trails are :



makes for a short trail encompassing the delights of the gardens along with a number of plaques.


includes most plaques that are not in the town centre, but which can be included in a single visit.


plaques are relatively close together (bar one) and make for a separate visit.

Downloadable Tri-fold leaflets and instructions for the walking trails are available on each of the respective pages. 

Additionally an A3 fold out leaflet  containing the four Town Centre Trails and the Valley Gardens trail is available from the Tourist Information Centre. The pdf of this leaflet can be downloaded here :

There are then a small number of plaques (10) more distant from the town centre which can be visited singly or by using transport (a bike is a good option).

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