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The Victoria Trail (Purple) - (1.0 mile, 1.6 km)

This is the fourth part of the full Town Centre trail.   The full trail is approximately 3.5 miles (5.6 km). It is split into 4 smaller trails (Civic, Montpellier, West Park, Victoria), each one can be walked separately.   

Town Centre Trail 4.jpg

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If viewing on a mobile a few plaques are off the edge of the map. L01 is at the Odeon Cinema and L08 on Parliament Street.

Click on the icon for a down-loadable and printable tri-fold leaflet with map & plaque locations

Click on the icon for a down-loadable and printable pdf file of the trail

This Trail is designed to follow on from the West Park Trail. If you are doing so follow the directions from TCT3 to the first plaque on this Trail.


If just walking this Trail, make your way to the Odeon Cinema, where you will find the first plaque. 


Continue along Station Parade, turning right onto Station Bridge. The Odeon Cinema is at the far side of the roundabout.

Odeon Cinema


The Plaque is :

On main entrance towards left hand side.


Return back down Station Bridge (on the opposite side). Turn right along Station Parade and walk to the Railway Station.

Railway Station


The Plaque is :

Inside the main foyer. On the left hand side.


Cross Station Parade (use Pedestrian Crossing), walk through the gardens to the Rohan shop, turn right.

Victoria Gardens


The Plaque is :

On the side of Victoria Gardens building, opposite the Rohan shop.


Walk back past the front of the Rohan shop to James Street. Turn right. Walk down James Street until reaching Ogden’s.

Ogden's of Harrogate


The Plaque is :

On left hand side of shop front.


Cross the road, continue down James Street, round the corner of Prospect Place to the Yorkshire Hotel.

Yorkshire Hotel


The Plaque is :

Corner with James Street


Turn back and cross Prospect Square past the front of the War Memorial towards Cambridge Crescent

Prospect Square


The Plaque is :

In flower bed, opposite NatWest Bank.


Cross Cambridge Crescent to the Lloyds Bank building.

Bettys Cafe Tea Room


The Plaque is :

Lloyds Bank building, right hand side of the entrance.


Walk down Cambridge Crescent past the NatWest Bank (on your right), proceed down Parliament Street. A Fattorini is No 19.

Antonio Fattorini


The Plaque is :

No 19 Parliament Street. On the right hand side of the shop front.


Continue down Parliament Street, turning right up Oxford Street, until reaching Starling Beer & Coffee House.

Prospect Cottage


The Plaque is :

This is now Starling Bar/Cafe. On right hand side.


Continue up Oxford Street to the Halifax Building Society.

Oxford Street


The Plaque is :

On the side of Halifax Building Society. on right hand side of entrance.


Cross Oxford Street to the rear of the Primark Building.

Captain Thomas Thrush, R.N.


The Plaque is :

On the side of Primark shop. On the wall on the far right.


Continue along Oxford Street to the Theatre.

Harrogate Theatre


The Plaque is :

On the side of the main entrance on the right hand side.


Continue on past the Theatre and turn left down Cheltenham Parade. Continue down Cheltenham Parade, near the bottom, cross using the Pedestrian crossing. Then on reaching Kings Road, cross (using Pedestrian crossing). Turn right. Walk along Kings Road (approx. 120 yds).

Kings Road Promenade Well


The Plaque is :

On Conference Centre wall. Opposite Gianni's pizza restaurant.

To return to the Tourist Information Centre, retrace your path along Kings Road, don’t cross it, but continue to the end.  Cross Kings Road and then Parliament Street, to bring you back to Crescent Road and the TIC is just past the Royal Baths.

To return to the Town Centre retrace your steps back to the Theatre.

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