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The Montpellier Trail (Blue) - (0.5 mile, 0.8 km)

This is the second part of the full Town Centre trail.   The full trail is approximately 3.5 miles (5.6 km). It is split into 4 smaller trails (Civic, Montpellier, West Park, Victoria), each one can be walked separately.   

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This Trail is designed to follow on from the Civic Trail.  If you are doing so follow the directions from TCT1 to the first plaque on this Trail. 

If just walking this Trail, make your way to Royal Parade, opposite the Royal Pump Room Museum where you will find the first plaque.


The Plaque is at 9A Royal Parade.

Pickersgill Palliser


The Plaque is :

Right hand side of doorway


Walk along Royal Parade to the White Hart Hotel.

White Hart


The Plaque is :

Right hand side of hotel, by the hair salon


Retrace your steps back to the pedestrian crossing. Cross Royal Parade to the Crown Hotel.

Crown Hotel


The Plaque is :

On far left entrance, left hand post.


Walk to the far end of the Crown Hotel and cross Montpellier Road onto Montpellier Gardens.

Montpellier Baths


The Plaque is :

On the stone building, opposite Tennant's shop.


Continue round the Crown Roundabout and then turn left onto Montpellier Hill. After about 170 yds you will reach the Benneton shop.

The Stray


The Plaque is :

At bottom of Montpellier Hill, on the grass, almost opposite H2K shop.


Continue along and up Montpellier Parade with the shops on your left. At the top of the hill, Bettys is on your left.



The Plaque is :

On Montpellier Parade elevation


From Bettys, turn back to the top of Montpellier Parade and take the path through the gardens parallel to Parliament Street. Continue with the bushes on your left and the flower beds on your right until almost reaching Montpellier Hill.

Mrs Mehroo Jehangir


The Plaque is :

Between West Park and Montpellier Hill. In the gardens.


Carefully cross Montpellier Hill onto the Stray (by the bus stop). Take the path leading away from the old green bus shelter (now ice cream parlour) back down and away from Montpellier Hill. This will bring you to the corner where The Esplanade becomes Victoria Road. Go just onto The Esplanade to Beech Villa.

Beech Villa


The Plaque is :

At the corner with Victoria Road, on the corner post.


Return to the Stray just off Victoria Road and proceed up the edge of the Stray, along Byron Walk, with buildings on your right. Stray Towers is after approximately 100 yards.

Stray Towers


The Plaque is :

On the iron railings at the front of Stray Towers.

The full Town Centre Trail continues with the West Park Trail.  If you wish to finish here, proceed back into the Town Centre.

To continue to the West Park Trail. 

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