Starbeck Trail (Lime) - (1.0 mile, 1.6 km)

The Starbeck Trail starts at the first plaque on the High Street.  The first three plaques are close together (0.2 mile) with the last plaque being a further 0.8 mile away, making a total length of 1 mile (1.6 km).

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Starbeck Hall

Start on Starbeck High Street (Knaresborough Road) opposite Stonefall Avenue.

The Plaque is :

Opposite Stonefall Avenue. On main drive, left hand gatepost.



Starbeck Spa

Walk down the High Street towards the Level crossing. Use the pedestrian crossing to cross over the road. Continue over the Level crossing. Immediately after the Level crossing is Spa Lane.

The Plaque is :

On the corner of Starbeck High Street / Spa Lane. On old Star Inn wall.



Camwal Road

Cross back over the High Street using the pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road (opposite Christopher Nixon Optometrists). Turn right. Camwal Road is the first road on the left.

The Plaque is :

At Starbeck High Street end of Camwal Road. On the shop wall.



Samson Fox

It is a further 0.8 mile (1.3 km) to the final plaque. Continue up the High Street to The Avenue. Turn left into The Avenue and proceed to the far end. Turn right past Emerald Close and walk into Diamond Place. Samson Fox Terrace is to the left.

The Plaque is :

Far end of The Avenue, top middle of front gable of Terrace.


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