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How to use this site

The Harrogate plaques website is aimed to be of use to different sets of people.  If you're visiting this site, you're probably in one of the following three groups.  In which case this is a brief guide to help you use the website quickly and easily.

Visitors to Harrogate :

There are four Town Centre Trails and one in the Valley Gardens.  All are easily accessible from the main hotels and shopping centre.  The map below shows the main areas covered by the Trails.

As well as viewing these trails on the website you can download pdfs of the trails.  There is also an A3 fold out leaflet available from the Tourist Information Centre containing these 5 trails. This is the pdf of this leaflet, which can be downloaded.


If you are here for a few days then venturing further afield is the High Harrogate Trail.

Five Trails Area for A3 & DL leaflet and

This tab gives two different ways of looking at the location of the plaques.

Use the main tab to be able to see all the plaques and their locations on an interactive map where you are able to pan and zoom around the area.

Use either of the other two 'static' maps to see an overview of all the locations either in the Town Centre or Outer Harrogate.  On these maps clicking on the Plaque number will give you information regarding that particular plaque.

Residents of Harrogate :

The website enables you to build a picture of the town's history and heritage through the different plaques.

First use the Maps tab, to explore where in Harrogate all the plaques are located. See above in the Visitor's paragraph for details of the Maps. You  may wish to work your way around the plaques as you go around the town or alternatively try the Walking Trails.

The Gallery subtab (under The Plaques) shows all the plaques,along with photos of their locations and precise position.  It is helpful in finding each and every plaque.

The History tab will give you information on events associated with many of the plaques and enrich your understanding of the history of Harrogate.  The Articles sub-tab contains many articles relating to plaque subjects.

The Extra Plaques tab highlights some of the more important (non Brown) Heritage plaques that exist in the Town.

Students / Historians :

There are a number of pages on the website which will help you with any research on the town or plaques.

The Gallery and Information subtabs (under The Plaques)give detailed information on each plaque, with the Information tab also transcribing the inscription on each plaque.

The Index subtab (under The Plaques)contains a spreadsheet which allows for filtering and searching on the plaques themselves.

The History tab, as well as the Articles subtab described above, contains the Timeline subtab.  Here is a spreadsheet with the details on each plaque separated out.  This allows for filtering and searching the information on the plaques.  For example all occurrences associated with a particular person.  It also gives the ability to see the history of Harrogate as time passes.

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