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The Civic Trail (Red) -  (0.7 mile, 1.1km)

This is the first part of the full Town Centre trail.   The full trail is approximately 3.5 miles (5.6 km). It is split into 4 smaller trails (Civic, Montpellier, West Park, Victoria), each one can be walked separately.   

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On leaving the Tourist Information Centre, turn right along Crescent Road and almost immediately you come to the Royal Baths.

Royal Baths


The Plaque is :

On the main entrance, right hand side.


Continue along to Parliament Street. Turn right and walk up Parliament Street to the Winter Gardens (Wetherspoons) and just go into the entrance.



The Plaque is :

Inside the entrance to Wetherspoons, right hand side.


Also in the entrance is the next plaque, on the LHS.

Water-Gas Plant


The Plaque is :

Inside the entrance to Wetherspoons, left hand side.


Now retrace your path back down to the bottom of Parliament Street and then cross Parliament Street. Turn right. Walk a few metres up Parliament Street to the side door of Rhodes Woods, tailor's shop.

Louis Copé


The Plaque is :

On the left hand side of the side door, Rhodes Woods - tailors shop.


Now cross Kings Road. Here is the main entrance to The Harrogate Exhibition Halls. If open enter the Atrium.

Spa Rooms


The Plaque is :

In the Atrium of Hall M, Conference Centre. Left hand side, high on wall.


Turn right out of the Atrium, next door is the Kursaal

Kursaal, The


The Plaque is :

On front stonework, towards the right hand side.


Continue past the Kursaal and up Ripon Road.

Hotel Majestic


The Plaque is :

Bottom of Ripon Road, just after the Exhibition Halls. On the boundary wall entrance, left hand post.


Now carefully cross Ripon Road (using the pedestrian refuge in the middle) and turn left down Ripon Road.

Hotel St. George


The Plaque is :

On main entrance to the Hotel.


Continue down Ripon Road, cross Montpellier Road and walk a little way down the Road.

Cyclists' Touring Club


The Plaque is :

In flower bed/ on wall, opposite George Hotel (& behind Bus Shelter).


Walk back up Ripon Road and on to the junction with Swan Road, cross the road.

Swan Road


The Plaque is :

At the Ripon Road end of Swan Road. On north side of Swan Road, in the hedge.


Continue along Swan Road. The Swan Hotel is on the right. Please respect that the Hotel ground is private property.

Swan Buildings


The Plaque is :

The Swan Hotel. On wall by side door, far left of main entrance.


Continue along Swan Road, past Crescent Gardens to the Mercer Art Gallery.

Old Town Hall


The Plaque is :

This is now the Mercer Art Gallery. On the main entrance, left hand side.


Walk back to Crescent Gardens and turn right. 100 yds down Crescent Gardens is the front entrance of the Council Offices.

Council Offices


The Plaque is :

By the front door, left hand side.


Turn to face the Crescent Gardens, walk to the display in the centre and continue on the path (towards Décor Lighting shop). On reaching Crescent Road turn right.

Crescent Gardens


The Plaque is :

On Crescent Road, by path to the display in centre of gardens (opposite Decor lighting shop).


Continue along Crescent Road to the Hales Bar Pub.

Hale's Bar


The Plaque is :

On the wall of the building to the far right of the building.


Cross Crescent Road and turn right. The Royal Pump Room Museum is ahead on your left.

Royal Pump Room


The Plaque is :

On the side of the Royal Pump Room Museum, opposite Valley Gardens entrance (Cornwall Road).


Walk back round the Museum to Crown Place.

Crown Place


The Plaque is :

Half way down Crown Place, on stone front opposite the Royal Pump Room Museum.


Continue up Crown Place to the arched recess on the corner of the Hotel, up from Five Shillings Brasserie. (This plaque is coloured RAF Blue)

Spitfire Aircraft


The Plaque is :

In the recess, far left of Crown Hotel

If you wish, after The Pump Room plaque, you can add an extension into Valley Gardens to walk the Valley Garden Trail (12 plaques,  0.8 mile, 1.3 km).  If so cross the road (Valley Drive) to the main entrance to Valley Gardens and follow the Valley Gardens Trail instructions. 

The full Town Centre Trail continues with the Montpellier Trail.  If you wish to finish here and return to the Tourist Information Centre, then retrace your steps to Hale's Bar and walk along Crescent Road.

To continue to the Montpellier Trail.

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