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The High Harrogate Trail (Aqua) - (3.1 miles, 5.0 km)

This trail uses the Odeon Cinema as the starting and ending point.  However you can make your own way to the first plaque (The Club) on Victoria Avenue if you wish. The Trail then goes out onto the Stray and visits the plaques in High Harrogate, with the last plaque on Park Parade. 

The full circular trail is 3.1 miles. 5.0 km.  It is  approximately 0.4 mile from the last plaque back to the Odeon. 

High Harrogate Trail.JPG

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If viewing on a mobile, the map scale does not allow for correct positioning of L04, L05, L06, L07. They are just off the RH side of the map.

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This Trail starts at the Odeon Cinema (Plq58) which is also on the Victoria Trail.

Please note that many of the plaques on this trail are on private residences.  They are however next to the public footpath.  Where the location below says ‘private residence’, the plaque is actually not closely approachable, but can be seen from the footpath.


From the Odeon Cinema, cross Station Avenue, walk round the roundabout onto N Park Road. After 60 yds cross the road and turn right onto Marlborough Road. At the roundabout turn left onto Victoria Avenue. Cross the road and continue down Victoria Avenue, until you reach ‘The Club’ (No 36). Note - Plq53 - the original plaque, is also here next to the door.

The Harrogate Club


The Plaque is :

On plinth in front garden


With The Club on your right, walk down Victoria Avenue to Queen Parade. Cross Queen Parade.

Richard Ellis


The Plaque is :

Opposite Victoria Avenue. On stone post on main drive to house.


Walk down Queen Parade towards the Stray. At the end of Queen Parade, turn left down York Place and then down Park Parade. The former Queens Hotel (now Cedar Court Hotel) is on the left.

Queen Hotel (The former)


The Plaque is :

On the main entrance to Cedar Court Hotel drive (opposite Oatlands Drive).


Walk down Park Parade (away from the hotel), to Knaresborough Road and turn left. At the pedestrian crossing, cross Knaresborough Road and turn left. Walk past the Sports Pavilion (with public toilets) and take the footpath off to the right. When arriving where the access road cuts across this footpath, turn right and walk to the end. Wedderburn House is straight ahead.

Wedderburn House


The Plaque is :

Near to Wetherby Road (at the end of the path from Empress roundabout). On right hand side of gate post.


Turn left along Slingsby Walk and continue until reaching Wetherby Road. Cross the road.

Grand Duchess George of Russia


The Plaque is :

By the corner of the Stray and Wetherby Road (Starbeck side). On the wall, next to the memorial cross.


Turn left and walk along Wetherby Road towards the roundabout. St John’s Well is reached after 150yds.

St. John's Well


The Plaque is :

Just down from Empress roundabout (on The Stray). On the side of the building.


Continue along Wetherby Road and before the roundabout cross using the pedestrian refuge. Continue along the path and cross Knaresborough Road using the pedestrian crossing. Approach Church Square and keep it on your left. Walk past ‘The Empress’ hotel and continue until you see Mansfield House on your left.

Mansfield House


The Plaque is :

Just past the Empress on Skipton Road side (of Church Square). To left of door.


Continue to the corner of Church Square and turn left. 50 yds on is the entrance to Church Square.

Church Square


The Plaque is :

Just inside Church Mews. On right hand side.


Retrace your steps back to the corner of Church Square, turn left and cross the road. Follow the footpath on the Stray. At the path intersection turn right and cross Skipton road using the pedestrian crossing. Continue straight ahead on the footpath until you reach Granby Road. The Granby is in front of you.

Granby Hotel


The Plaque is :

End of Granby Road, by The Stray. On far left entrance post.


Turn left along Granby Road and then continue on the footpath. Cross Claro road onto Devonshire Place. Continue along to Coach Road. Gascoigne House is on your right. (this is a private residence - please respect their privacy).

Gascoigne House


The Plaque is :

Opposite Coach Road. To the right of the door.


Continue along Devonshire Place until it meets Skipton Road. Continue along Skipton Road to the far side of the traffic lights, past High Harrogate Working Men’s Club. Gable House is the next building.

Gable House


The Plaque is :

On the iron railings, right hand side.


Cross Skipton Road (using the pedestrian refuge) by the end of Dragon Parade, and then the wide grass area onto Regent Parade. Turn left. Continue to the second building on your right. (This is a private residence – please respect their privacy).

William Powell Frith


The Plaque is :

Along from Westmoreland Street (direction Skipton Road). Next to Garage, on left hand side of building.


Continue along Regent Parade to Westmoreland Street. Cross the road and continue along Regent Parade and then take the first left to Skipton Road. Turn right, walk towards Coach Road and the commemorative tree is on your right.

Samson Fox Ox Roast


The Plaque is :

On Skipton Road, by Coach Road. On the tree.


At Coach Road turn right, continue to the footpath on your left. Proceed along this back to Regent Parade. Turn right. Library House (No 1 Regent Parade) is the second house.

Library House


The Plaque is :

No 1 Regent Parade. On the building wall, left hand side.


Turn around, go past Park Chase and continue straight ahead, now on Park Parade, until you reach Christ Church Oval. Number 20 Park Parade is on the right.

Park Parade, 20


The Plaque is :

On corner of Christ Church Oval.

To return to the Town Centre, continue along Park Parade until you reach N Park Road.  Turn right along N Park Road.  Continue along N Park Road and then Station Avenue, until you reach the Odeon Cinema and the town centre.

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