Plaques further afield

There are 9 plaques which do not fit easily into any trails.  It is recommended that these are visited separately to walking any trail.

West & South Harrogate :   There are 3 plaques here (Plq67, Plq42, Plq02).

Two could be visited after the Valley Gardens Trail, on Harlow Moor Road (Catherine Guerney - Plq67) and Cold Bath Road (Cold Bath - Plq42). 

The Tewit Well - Plq02 is on the Stray (at the end of Cherry Tree Walk). This could be visited as part of the West Park Trail (after Plq46 - Royal House), but would add another 0.5 mile, 0.8 km to the distance.

North Harrogate (Skipton Road / Kings Road / Duchy Road) : There are 4 plaques here (Plq21, Plq68, Plq61, XP06). 

Unfortunately the Grove House (Plq68) is currently inaccessible to the public.

Please also respect that Grove House Stables (Plq21) and Gerald Finzi (XP06) are on private property.

W.H. Baxter (Plq61) is also on The Ascot Hotel property

The Knox Plaques :  There are just 2 plaques here at Spruisty Bridge (Plq40, Plq70).

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