The West Park Trail (Green) - (1.3 mile, 2.1 km)

This is the third part of the full Town Centre trail.   The full trail is approximately 3.5 miles (5.6 km). It is split into 4 smaller trails (Civic, Montpellier, West Park, Victoria), each one can be walked separately.   

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This Trail is designed to follow on from the Montpellier Trail. If you are doing so follow the directions from TCT2 to the first plaque on this Trail.


If just walking this Trail, make your way to Cathcart House, between the Hotel du Vin and the West Park United Reform Church, where you will find the first plaque. 


Cathcart House

Turn so that Stray Towers are behind you and take the path across the Stray back to the green ice cream parlour (International Way). Turn Right along West Park and almost immediately use the pedestrian crossing to reach the other side of West Park. Turn right along West Park. Cathcart House is the building on the LHS of West Park United Reform Church.

The Plaque is :

Next to West Park United Reform Church. On door frame, left hand side.



Victoria Avenue

Walk along West Park to Victoria Avenue. You need to cross to the other side of Victoria Avenue.

The Plaque is :

On the building at the corner with West Park.



Dr. Laura Veale

Walk back across Victoria Avenue then walk up Victoria Avenue to No 3 (second building after United Reform Church).

The Plaque is :

No 3. Second building after West Park United Reform Church. On wall next to gate.



George Dawson

Carry on along Victoria Avenue to the building next to Princess Square/Victoria Ave junction.

The Plaque is :

Next to Princess Square / Victoria Avenue junction. On right hand front post of the building.



Court House

Turn left down Princess Square and then right down Raglan Street. Cross Raglan Street by the building which is now Stowe Family Law.

The Plaque is :

Station Parade end of Raglan Street. On far right post.




Cross back Raglan Street, walk through the gardens with the Library (and Public Toilets) on your right. Turn right to the front of the Library.

The Plaque is :

Next to main entrance door. Right hand side.



Clinical Medical Laboratory

Cross Victoria Avenue onto Belford Road to the house on the LH side corner.

The Plaque is :

Junction with Victoria Avenue. Plaque on house side.




Continue down Belford Road to the 2nd house along from Victoria Avenue.

The Plaque is :

The second house along from Victoria Avenue. On left hand front drive post.



Rogers' Almshouses

Continue along Belford Road, the Almshouses are on your left (Rogers’ Square).

The Plaque is :

On the stone wall, far right of building.



Brunswick Station

Carry on to the end of Belford Road and turn right down Tower Street. At the end of Tower Street turn left onto West Park. (If you want to miss this plaque, continue on until reaching York Place, at the roundabout) Otherwise, cross West Park using the pedestrian crossing, turn left, and after 20 yards take the path diagonally across the Stray. Cross Otley Road using the pedestrian refuge and then continue across the Stray. On reaching Trinity Road, turn left, after a few yards you will see the plaque.

The Plaque is :

On The Stray, almost opposite Trinity Church (towards Otley Road).



Prince of Wales Mansions

Retrace your steps to the far side of Otley Road. Turn right and walk to the roundabout. Carefully cross West Park, by the roundabout (beware very busy road).

The Plaque is :

At junction of West Park / York Place, by the roundabout. On the stone wall.



Florence Nightingale

Turn left along York Place to No 12 York Place.

The Plaque is :

No 12 York Place. On stand in front garden.



Royal House

Continue along York Place to the last building before Station Parade (by the Traffic Lights).

The Plaque is :

Corner of junction with Station Parade. On main gate post.




Cross Station Parade using the crossing at the traffic lights. Walk down Station Parade. Almost immediately are some offices (on your right) where the plaque is located.

The Plaque is :

Near junction of Station Parade & York Place. On the post near the main entrance to the offices.



Woods of Harrogate

Continue along Station Parade (past Waitrose), to Victoria Avenue. Cross Victoria Avenue and proceed down the row of shops (with covered veranda). Woods is near the end.

The Plaque is :

On the shop front, next to the shop entrance.


The full Town Centre trail continues with Trail 4.  If you wish to finish here, proceed back into the Town Centre.

To continue to the Victoria Trail. 

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